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SIP Wealth Management welcomes GDP growth

SIP Wealth Management, part of the WPS Financial Group, has welcomed the news that the UK economy grew by 1.9% during 2013 – the strongest increase since 2007, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS). But the company also warns there is a long way still to go. Last year’s growth was stronger than [...]

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Step-by-step SIPPS

Self-invested personal pension funds (SIPPs) are a rapidly growing but still often misunderstood concept within the world of pensions. Yet they are a fantastic innovation that can be used to easily and legitimately invest in a wide range of commercial ventures, boosting the value of that fund. Individuals especially within the business world may be [...]

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SIP Wealth Management warns on pension changes

SIP Wealth Management, the Swansea-based Chartered Financial Advisers that is part of the WPS Financial Group, has warned diligent pension savers to take action now to avoid being caught by changes to the lifetime allowance on pensions that could leave them with a hefty tax bill. From April 2014, the UK government is reducing the [...]

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WPS Financial Group hires compliance director

WPS Financial Group, the group that owns Swansea-based Chartered Financial Advisers SIP Wealth Management, has hired a Compliance and Operations Director in a move designed to cement its position as one of Wales’ biggest and most successful financial advisory groups. Andrew Boyt has 33 years’ experience working in the wholesale financial services arena. He is [...]

AIM to avoid inheritance tax on ISAs

For those of you that have fallen foul of costly inheritance tax rules in the past, a recent ruling by the UK Treasury will be of great interest. There are more than 1,000 companies listed on AIM (Alternative Investment Market) and all will now be eligible for direct ISA investment. The changes provide savers with [...]

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Boost business through your SIPP

The warm weather of late has meant business for many parts of the local tourism industry has been booming. When the sky is blue and the sea is warm, there is no better place to enjoy such a holiday and the owners of campsites, hotels, B&Bs and other businesses have been reaping the rewards. Some [...]

Good news – but hidden away

Bad news sells newspapers apparently. I can only assume it must do. After so many years of economic doom and gloom in the headlines, some of the really good news coming through appears woefully underreported. Not everyone understands the nature of stock indices, let alone follows them. The only time most people will hear about [...]

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Rugby, property and pensions

Pondering pension investment options is not everyone’s cup of tea. Despite its obvious importance, many view pensions as a boring necessary evil in stark contrast to making business decisions with more immediate results. But Swansea-based SIP Wealth Management (Chartered Financial Advisers) has turned that perception on its head in recent weeks thanks to two innovative [...]

SIP Wealth Management showcases its financial innovation in office HQ move

Swansea-based SIP Wealth Management (Chartered Financial Advisers and part of the WPS Financial Group) has officially opened its new head office in 11 Axis Court, Swansea, in a move that also showcased the company’s innovation in investments and financial planning. The new state-of-the-art office will cement the business as one of Wales’ biggest and most [...]

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